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San Diego Heating Repair

San Diego Heating Repair

san diego heating repairIf you’re experiencing chilly drafts, hot and cold spots, and a less-than-comfortable home, San Diego heating repair is the next step. Repairing your heating system can help you save money and time in the long run, by optimizing and extending the lifespan of your current system.

When You Heating Repair Services

Here are a few common signs that your heating system is not functioning as it should and that your unit requires heating repair in San Diego:

  • Your electric bills are too high: If your heating bills have gone way up compared to what they usually cost at the time, then your heater may be working harder than what it used to.
  • There are uneven hot and cold spots: If you experience some areas of your home that are warmer than others, you may have a duct issue with your heating system.
  • Weird noises come from your furnace or ductwork: Strange booming, clicking, shrieking, and grinding noises coming from the ducts and vents in your home are indications of a problem with the heating system.
  • Heater constantly turns on and off: When your heater is kicking on more than four or five times in an hour, this means that it is short-cycling and is a symptom that requires professional San Diego heating repair services.
  • You have poor air quality: If you’ve noticed your family getting stuffed up or sneezing more than usual, or the air appears hazy, this is an important sign that your heating system may not be doing its job and it must be addressed.
  • The pilot light turns yellow: If your furnace has a yellow light (or any color besides blue) this indicates that the furnace may have too many condensates like rust or tar and San Diego heating repair is in order.
  • You have to constantly crank up the heat: If you are turning up the thermostat more than usual, that’s a sign your heater isn’t functioning as it should.

Consistent Heat, Fewer Headaches

There are many reasons why your heating system may be acting up, and it is our duty as professional HVAC technicians to find the root problems and correct them with the most cost-effective and efficient San Diego heating repair services.