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Furnace Repair San Diego

Furnace Repair San Diego

Furnace Repair San DiegoIf you rely on a furnace to keep your home warm and cozy in the winter months, you need it working in tip-top order to keep your family comfortable and your energy bills where they should be. Since furnaces remain off for half of the year or longer, your unit may be unknowingly damaged and in need of professional Furnace Repair San Diego.

Signs You Need Furnace Repair San Diego

Flaws in your furnace are not always easy to spot and are easily overlooked. Here are several signs to look for that can indicate that you need Furnace Repair San Diego:

  • Not enough heat – If your furnace is not producing adequate heat, you could have leaking ductwork that will require inspection and repair
  • Abnormally high energy bills – Over time, your furnace becomes less efficient. When you have skyrocketing electric bills, call your HVAC professional for an inspection
  • Strange furnace sounds – Different sounds from your furnace can indicate varying issues inside the unit
  • Short cycling – Short cycling is when the furnace turns on and off inadvertently, and is reason to schedule an appointment with for Furnace Repair San Diego
  • Yellow burner flame – A normal pilot light colors for a furnace is blue. When your furnace’s pilot light turns yellow or orange, red, purple or green, it may indicate a ventilation issue and abnormal levels of carbon monoxide. Schedule an appointment with your HVAC professional immediately
  • Weird furnace smells – Strange smells from the furnace that don’t dissipate quickly can mean a gas leak or excessive dust and particles in the unit
  • Difficulty starting the furnace – If your furnace requires multiple tries to start or restart throughout the day, you likely need Furnace Repair San Diego
  • Constant temperature adjustment – Constant adjustment of the thermostat is likely an issue with improper distribution of heat throughout your home
  • Poor air quality – Malfunctioning furnaces can put excessive circulating dust, spores, and allergens in your home, resulting in more respiratory illnesses in your family
  • Cold spots and uneven temperatures – Cold spots in your home can mean issues with the insulation or ductwork in your heating system, requiring Furnace Repair San Diego

Get Your Furnace Inspected Today!

Don’t allow any of these issues to become bigger, costlier problems; contact your trusted CA Quality Heating and Cooling and HVAC company for prompt Furnace Repair San Diego. Your family’s health and comfort will thank you, not to mention your energy bills!

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