Save Money on Your Heating and Cooling Bill

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Heating and Cooling Bill

Energy efficiency is a topic that everyone talks about because by doing specific actions, you can save energy and money without neglecting your needs. One of these practices is properly using equipment that consumes power, such as air conditioners and heating. If you want to save energy with your air conditioning and heating, we will give you some informative tips in this post to help you save money and save the environment. If you are in summer or winter, you may be wondering how to manage your equipment. Here are five tips to save money on your heating and air conditioning bill:

1) Change A/C Filters Regularly

If the air filters get dirty frequently, you should clean them. When dirty, they force the unit to consume more energy than usual, so the equipment works harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. You can do the cleaning with water and any cleaning product. Just be aware that you must wait for the filters to be completely waterless once washed before putting them back in the unit. Another option could be to buy new filters and replace the old ones.

2) Program Your Thermostat

Program the thermostat adjusting the temperature between 65 and 75 degrees if it is in summer. That will help the equipment and bring you a comfortable temperature quickly. The difference between the external temperature and that of the dwelling should not exceed 50 degrees. If you do not adjust the temperature with the seasons, you will start consuming more electricity, increasing your bill by 6 to 8%.

3) Seal Air Ducts

Sound insulation in the home is one of the most critical recommendations. All ducts, doors, and windows need to be well sealed to maintain the temperature inside the property. You can place thick foam sheets on floors and walls to save money per year, thus limiting heat transmission from the inside to the outside and vice versa. Remember, a house with good thermal insulation will help the equipment work without straining.

4) Install Eco-friendly Equipment

You can use smart or green equipment for both cooling and heating. Some companies make eco-friendly equipment with recycled materials. You can choose geothermal heat pumps, solar heating, and smart thermostats to help you lower your bills while caring for the environment.

5) Perform Maintenance to Your HVAC Once a Year

Each appliance, such as air conditioning and heating, needs to be serviced periodically, at least once a year. Clean the drain pan, check the compressor, measure the gas pressure, and don’t forget to check the filters. It would be best to hire a team of professionals to service your HVAC if you don’t know how to do it yourself.

Both air conditioning and heating are electrical appliances commonly used in homes and properties in general. In the summer months, the use of air conditioning increases. During the winter, we need heating, which leads to a rise in the electrical bill.

You can avoid overspending by switching to efficient consumption. Please consider the tips we have left you to help put money back in your pocket and extend your equipment’s life. Perform proper maintenance, program the thermostat, seal the air ducts, and use environmentally-friendly equipment.

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